Gallery & Atelier

Franco on 5th is not simply a unique and colorful event space, but it also serves as home to a colorful collection of fine art. Visit Franco on 5th and you will see walls filled with the creations of world renowned artists, offering their latest work for your perusal and purchase!

Featuring a monthly MEET THE ARTIST event, Franco on 5th welcomes guests for an exciting evening of perusing and discussing art WITH the artist, asking questions, taking photos and relaxing with friends in the comfort of the gallery!

Franco on 5 th is also pleased to have been named San Diego’s sole source gallery for Sonoran born Phoenix artist, Gennaro Garcia, who’s Mexican themed Italian technique work has been recognized by Martha Stewart and featured by Disney, Phoenix Home and Garden, Cox Communications and many more prestigious publications.

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In addition to housing vibrant collectible art, Franco on 5th serves as an atelier for both local and visiting
artisans. Both the main building and the artist’s studio provide space for masters and students to
practice their art – be it culinary, visual or otherwise. Check back regularly to see what amazing artist or
chef is stopping by, and join Franco on 5th for an inspired day of creation under a visiting master.